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Pressurized Cabin

Offshore Special Containers

Product Features

  • A60 fire-rated wall, personal door and window.
  • Electricals comply with usage at Zone 1 / Zone 2.
  • HVAC system, gas detector and fan.
  • EX-fire damper.
  • Included air lock area, main room and operational room.
  • Optional furnishment with sink, hood, and others for Logging or Laboratory functions or as various functional modular.
  • Several standard ranges from -20°C for Europe, to maximum 55°C for desert conditions.
  • 4-leg wire rope lifting sling equips.
  • Other customized sizes and configurations are available.


  • DNV 2.7-1

  • DNV 2.7-2/IEC60079-13(option)

  • CE

  • ATEX

  • IECEx

  • UL

  • CNEX


model Overall dimensions(mm) dead-weight(kgs) load(kgs) All Up(kgs) Remarks Picture
20ft cabin 6058x2438x2896 8200 1000 9200 / view picture
14ft cabin 4260x2438x2896 7500 1000 8500 / view picture